What is Email Marketing and How to Start? | 10+ best free email marketing tools

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Email Marketing is one of the best & effective ways of marketing in 2022. Today in this article, we are giving you all information regarding email marketing. What is email marketing? How to start email marketing? 10+ best free email marketing tools, etc. So let's begin!

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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the type of marketing that is done by sending emails to the customers. Email Marketing helps to acquire, engage and retain customers. You can add customers to your email list and send them daily emails regarding new products, discounts, and other services. Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing. You can target your customers by sending valuable emails daily about your products. If you are doing online business, then email marketing is best to engage more customers. You can also run email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing works very simply. You have collected the email id of people by creating landing pages and telling them to signup. After they sign up means, they are interested in your service or product. So you can target them daily by giving valuable information about that product or service. If you want to grow your business and get leads, then email marketing is best. So you can keep engaging your customers through email marketing. There are many tools and software to do email marketing. There are types of email marketing examples, Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails, etc.

How to Start Email Marketing?

If you're seriously want to start email marketing to grow your business. Follow the steps to start email marketing:-

Step 1). Choose a best email marketing service provider

Email marketing is the best way to get more leads. It's essential to choose the correct best email marketing service provider. In this article, we have listed the best tools & software. So according to them, you can select which one is best & affordable. You can automate your email marketing. Best email marketing providers help you to scale your business. They provide beautiful email templates & tools to help you to grow your business with tracking features. The tracking feature shows you who is engaging with your campaigns.

Step 2). Gather and Add your contacts into your email marketing account

You have to first collect the existing contacts you have in your email list. By gathering them, it's easy to start free. They are already interested in your product so collect existing contacts. If you don't have existing contacts, don't worry. Start with zero build your email list. If you already have contacts, then add your contacts to your email marketing account. Then, you can start adding your touches by existing Email. If you have collected different niche contacts, then don't mix them. Create a separate spreadsheet. Instead, target audience according to their interest.

Step 3). Send your first email

If you are done with creating an account and adding contacts. Then you can set up your first Welcome Email. You can send the first Email to your customers. A welcome email is essential for customers. They will know about your services & products. If the customer is on your contacts list, you can send them offers like 10% off, etc. As a business owner, you should provide value to your customer. Start with greetings and offers. A welcome email is significant to know your customers. So impress your customer with a welcome email.

Step 4). Create best and reusable email templates & Focus on subject lines

Create Reusable templates so you can save your time. You can keep one template for every Email. It's ok. Create attractive email templates. For example, if you are sending emails in the morning, make morning-related templates. Your customers receive several emails daily, so they avoid your Email also. So to stand out, you should use reusable emails.

Subject Line is essential in Email. Subscriber opens your Email by seeing the subject line. So if your subject line is attractive, more subscribers will open & read your Email. Your subject line should be short & engaging, around 30-35 characters. The minor subject line looks snappy. You can also add numbers in the subject line.

Step 5). First Preview and test before you send

It's imperative to check your Email how it's looks. You can preview your Email by test sending. It's the best way to check your Email. If you made any spelling mistakes or forgot to add a link, it will be easily noticed in the test email. Remember one thing send a test email to yourself to double-check Email. Sending test emails is very easy. First, click on the preview & check button. Next, you will see the send test button. Click that and send it to yourself.

Step 6). Send your email and Track the results

Send emails at the right time. You should fix your time to send emails to your customers. Daily two emails are enough not to send more than that. It will look like spam emails. Set your time to send emails. Please note that if you have customers from worldwide, then take care of time. So make a different email list according to the country if possible. You can schedule your emails daily so they will be automatically sent on time. Your subscriber will have alerts on time. They will be aware of your Email. Sending emails at a perfect time is essential.

Track your results of sending emails. Keep track of every email you send. Email Marketing is not done by just sending emails. You have to check click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, etc. If the ratio of unsubscribing is high, you are not providing the required value to subscribe. Track all the reports improve over time. You have to spend hours daily to understand which Email is performing well. You have to pay time tracking reports to better results. How many leads do you get from a single email? You will see the number of people who open your email and read it. So it's important to track results.

Email Marketing pros & Cons

1). Scalable – With the help of email marketing, you can target a large audience worldwide. You can provide value to your targeted audience and get leads quickly. You grow your business quickly by email marketing 1). Spam – Email Marketing is done by sending emails. Many people are irritated by Email because they think these emails are spam. So it's crucial to send an email to your contact list. Check click-through rate for untargeted emails. It's likely to be very low. Send emails to interested people in your service & products.
2). Environmentally friendly – Email Marketing is done online. It's environment friendly because nothing is printed like Postal mail. So it can be done by sitting at home, and It's environmentally friendly.2). Email Design problems – Your Email should be designed in that way so, on any device, it looks good to the user. But, unfortunately, sometimes email design problems appear.
3). Time-saving marketing – Email Marketing is time-saving. You can send emails automatically by scheduling. You can set the timing to send emails daily to your customers. If you create a reusable template, then you can use it in numerous emails. Collect contacts and send emails for leads. 3). Email Size issues – Sometimes, it takes time to load your Email. For example, sharing welcome files as a bonus to customers sometimes takes time to download. As a result, your customers lose interest in your product or service.
4). Cost-Effective marketing – Email Marketing cost is meager compared to other marketing. You only need some tools & software to start email marketing. There is no extra printing cost or advertising fees. You can start with less money. Email Marketing is one of the effective ways to do marketing.4). Problem in delivering Email – Sometimes, your Email is not provided to subscribers because of network issues. Also, sometimes because of spammy keywords, your Email will be sent to a spam folder.

10+ best free tools for Email Marketing

1). Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools. You can automate your email marketing. Mailchimp free plan provides you email creation and scheduling feature. Designing emails on Mailchimp is easy using the content manager. You can easily store your images and files. Also, you can get easy access. Mailchimp automates emails feature to help you to send welcome emails, order confirmations emails, and more. In addition, Mailchimp provides you an innovative recommendation feature to help you gain insights into your marketing efforts for the audience. Mailchimp is best to start free.

2). Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is the best tool to design emails that look better on any device. You can edit images on this platform itself. Benchmark email editor helps you to add effects and stickers to send across your message. This platform provides tons of pre-designed templates. Also, these templates are based on occasion and type. So you can easily create Email on this platform. You can also use HTML to build emails from scratch. You can view your Email while editing by the dual view feature. Benchmark Email is best for beginners.

3). SendPulse

SendPulse email marketing features are the most popular. This platform offers tons of pre-designed templates that you can edit and use. It also has a drag and drops editor that's save time while editing emails. SendPulse offers you subscriber rating features with the help of that you can know the most valuable subscribers. SendPulse provides all information regarding the reading and unread rate of each subscriber. The ratings of this tool are good. SendPulse offers a lot of features. This is one of the best email marketing tools.

4). MailerLite

MailerLite helps you to create landing pages. You can run split tests on your Email to check which one performs best and get more clicks. MailerLite provides you all reports & stats like click rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, etc. This platform has easy to use interface. You can easily edit emails and Track your results. MailerLite offers you a drag and drops editor to create beautiful emails. Also, build in a photo editor for making the best & stunning emails.

5). GetResponse

GetResponse helps to create professional grade marketing campaigns. This is one of the best email marketing tools. GetResponse tracks your subscriber's details unread and reads clicks, complaints, rate of unsubscriber, etc. All data you can see in pie charts and bar graphs. You can also find out why people unsubscribe. You can easily edit your emails. They offer various packages depending on the number of subscribers. The basic plan starts from $15 per month with 1000 subscribers.

6). Sender

The sender is the best & free email marketing tool. You don't need any HTML knowledge to create a newsletter. The sender offers a robust analytics feature. You can track your emails quickly. The sender provides all information regarding Click rates, Unsubscribe rates, and unread and read subscribers. Choose a template, customize it according to your need, and send it to your subscriber. You also can try personalizing the newsletter for each recipient for better impact. Sender reviews are good.

Check Recent ones:-

7). Mailjet

Mailjet offers you beautiful Predesigned templates. You can easily create and impress your subscriber. Mailjet helps you to create dynamic content to impress every subscriber. Mailjet helps you to track your results and suggest an improvement. This is a collaborative tool to build effective email marketing campaigns efficiently. Mailjet has so many cool features to customize emails. You can start free with this tool.

8). HubSpot

HubSpot is known as the best automation platform for marketing. You can easily automate email marketing with the help of this tool. It's a free email marketing tool that helps many small businesses. HubSpot is easy to use, and it has a drag and drops visual editor. HubSpot offers Predesigned templates that you can customize and use. You can manage, track emails and create a contacts database on HubSpot. You can start totally for free, which can support your small business.

9). Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the best and most intuitive platform for growing business. It focuses on intelligent work rest of the work it's on automation. The support system of Sendinblue is best to solve doubt. You can also do SMS marketing on Sendinblue. You can create landing pages, a Signup forum, and Facebook ads. Sendinblue is free, but if you want all features, then a 50% black Friday sale is going on. Sendinblue shows real-time statistics.

10). Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns have a free plan. You can get 2000 contacts, and you can send 12000 emails per month. Zoho Campaigns help many small businesses. You can track results easily. These tools offer you tons of pre-designed professional and beautiful templates. Zoho Campaigns drag and drop editor with dynamic blocks. You can efficiently run ad campaigns with the help of Zoho Campaigns. You can choose templates for the welcome, e-commerce, customer retention emails, etc.

11). Omnisend

Omnisend supports many small businesses with their free email marketing tool. You can automate your email marketing. Omnisend has plenty of features. You can track your results easily by graphs. It provides other services and has good reviews. But they are more focused on email marketing. You can use their Predesigned templates.


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  • Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your product or service. You can target audience by sending them email. Email marketing is scalable & affordale. You can start with few dollars. Only you need a software to start. Email marketing is eco-friendly you don't need any postal mail of papers. It's all happens digitally by sitting at home.we can send & receive email from anywhere in the world.
  • If you are business owner selling products and services online than email marketing is important for getting more Signup. Create a contact list send emails and track result. If you are not doing email marketing start today follow the article to get started. If you have any questions or queries regarding email marketing ask me in comment section.

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