10+ Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022

Traffic Exchange Websites help you to grow your Traffic quickly. If you are not aware, what is the Traffic Exchange Website? How does it help to Increase Traffic? Then read the Full article to get started with Traffic Exchange. In this article, we will talk about 10+ Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022. Which will help you to grow your Traffic worldwide. If you struggling to get traffic to your website, then this article is for you. So let's Start!

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What is Traffic Exchange Websites?

A Traffic Exchange Websites help you to grow your site by exchanging Traffic with other sites. It basically means viewing other members' websites or ads. In exchange, different members will consider your location. In this way, you can earn credits with the help of Traffic Exchange Websites. Small business owners use Traffic Exchange Websites for advertising.

There is a 1:1 ratio balance between Paid views and earned views. On traffic exchange websites, this ratio is known as the listed ratio. Let's see further the Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022.

There are 2 types of Traffic Exchange Websites

1). The manual surf exchange

2). The auto-surf exchange

1). The manual surf exchange

The Manual surf exchange is done manually by clicking on-site and visiting it by clicking. It works totally manual because of the bot traffic. Bot traffic comes in lacks, but it is useless. The manual surf exchange uses captcha verification to avoid bot traffic. This is a more practical way. The manual surf exchange is fully trusted and done manually.

2). The auto-surf exchange

The auto-surf exchange use bot as software installed on your computer which works in your browser. It's not done manually. As it is not done manually so you can earn credits while doing your other tasks. In this exchange, you make without spending your time in it. So it's beneficial software. You can earn a few dollars using this exchange.

How Traffic Exchange Websites Work?

Traffic Exchange Websites Work like Take an example of Otohits If you want to join the network, fill up the form at webmaster and become part of it. People browse other sites to get viewed there site by others. If individuals suffer to get Traffic, the Best traffic exchange websites will help them.

By browsing other sites, you can increase your Traffic this is a simple model of working of best traffic exchange websites. You can join the traffic exchange program and continue to do the browsing of other sites. In this way, you can increase your Traffic by Best traffic exchange websites

Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022

1). EasyHits4u

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

EasyHits4u is one of the best Traffic Exchange Websites. This is the best website because it sends every visitor back to the link that you visited and also this website provides unlimited earning. It allows a number of visitors to your provided link. EasyHits4u has a referral program in which you can earn extra money.

EasyHits4u is founded in the year 2003. Reviews of this platform are good this platform delivers millions of views each day. For getting started with EasyHits4u you should have to submit an email id and verify it. You can also earn by just selling views. EasyHits4u is a 100% legit and trusted platform.

EasyHits4u key features

  1. Provide Affiliate Program for extra earning
  2. Provide Free rotators
  3. Geo-targeting
  4. Give sign-up bonus and Monthly credit bonus
  5. Reward Programs
  6. Provide up to 100 Active links, etc

2). Hitleap

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Hitleap is the best free Traffic Exchange Website. Hitleap is an auto-surf traffic exchange website. It is very easy to use and provides a fast way to bring visitors to your site. If anybody wants to join Hitleap with your link you will earn 25%. Hitleap doesn't support manual surf exchange. Hitleap provides you to buy Traffic to save your time.

Hitleap Affiliate Program is good to earn more money. You have to visit other sites earn credits later visited site visitors come to your site. You can easily earn visitors back to your site. Hitleap is the internet's favorite Traffic Exchange.

Hitleap Key Features

  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Bounce Rate Reduction
  3. Geo-targeting
  4. Monthly Hits Bonus
  5. Website Slots, etc

3). SmileyTraffic

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

SmileyTraffic is one of the best Traffic Exchange Websites. It has 114,579 active members. SmileyTraffic has paid over $99,000 to its members. SmileyTraffic pays $0.03 per 100 pages surfed. It gives sign-up bonuses to new members. This website allows you to do promotions or referral links.

SmileyTraffic supports both manual surf and auto-surf for this it allows rotators. you can take out their payment between 1-74 hours. SmileyTraffic is Easy-to-use you can increase your website Traffic easily. You can also use auto-surf to reduce your work.

SmileyTraffic Key Features

  1. Monthly Bonus
  2. Bonus for signing up
  3. Bonus for Surfing 100 pages
  4. Earn extra through Referral program, etc

4). StartXchange

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

StartXchange is one of the best Traffic Exchange Websites. You can easily earn credits by visiting other sites. StartXchange offers three types of membership that you can join.

Free Membership program helps to get started with free. But you have to visit at least 3 websites to get one visitor to your site. You can earn good money through their affiliate program. Free Membership is suitable for beginners.

Gold Membership program is best for intermediate users. This Membership is paid $6 per year. You have to visit at least 2 websites to get one visitor to your site. In addition, you can get a referral commission of 30%.

Platinum Membership program is best for Expert users. This Membership costs $14.95 monthly. You have to visit only 1 website to get one visitor to your site. In addition, it gives a 30% referral commission.

StartXchange Key Features

  1. Offer 3 types of Membership
  2. 30% referral commission
  3. Geo-targeting
  4. Dymanic Surfing
  5. Full page views, Banners, Text Ads, Sq. Banner , Mini Branders, etc

5). Legacy Hits

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Legacy Hits is a Traffic Exchange Website. Which increases your website traffic by visiting other sites. This is easy to use platform for traffic exchange. When you refer someone to the website you will get the referral commission. Surfing time is even more profitable. Provide many tools for premium membership.

Legacy Hits offer team surfing in which you can add team members. Earn credits distribute among the team members. You can create a maximum of 10 members team and earn extra credits. This Platform has good reviews. Legacy Hits have membership for extra features. According to your membership, you can advertise your 3+ websites.

Legacy Hits Key Features

  1. Provide Rotators
  2. Give Daily Rewards
  3. provide text Ads
  4. Provide Banners and Square Banners
  5. Auto Assign
  6. Surfer Rankings
  7. Surfer Rewards
  8. Daily Raffle, etc

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6). Otohits

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Otohits is a Traffic Exchange Website. All features are available without paying anything. You can give your referral URL to earn extra money. All you can get is targeted Traffic through Geo-targeting. Reviews of Otohits are good. It can take 48 hours to be validated. Otohits cons – Interface is not easy to use.

Interface Support language is English, French, and Spanish. According to the review, this platform is 100% useful for website and business owners. By using it you can get geographically targetted visitors from IPs. Its Geo-targeting feature is so accurate for targeting specific visitors. Otohits gives you an invite code to join new members on the platform. Also, you can install the Application on Linux ( Ubuntu )

Otohits Key Features

  1. Geo-targeting
  2. You can Install in Linux Application
  3. Random click feature
  4. Visitors are delivered as per your need
  5. Consistent Traffic Delivery, etc

7). Youlikehits

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Youlikehits is one of the best Traffic Exchange Websites. It will help to grow your visitors very fast. Also, you can earn credits by viewing other sites and by watching videos. Youlikehits is very old and trustworthy. This website's reviews are positive. Also, it provides an SSL Certificate. By browsing other sites you can land so many visitors back to your site.

Simple to use Features and Easy to use interface. You can check all history of visitors who visited your site. Youlikehits helps you to get Traffic for your YouTube video. You can attract Traffic to your social media accounts. Youlikehits Provides promo codes to get off on premium versions. YouLikeHits helps you to promote all of the following. Join Users 2,000,000.

Youlikehits Key Features

  1. SSL Certificate
  2. Increase Following of Social media
  3. Consistent Traffic Delivery
  4. Increase Views, likes, following, subscribers
  5. Provide History of visitors, etc

8). RankBoostup

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

RankBoostup delivered a targeted audience to your website. RankBoostup is one of the leading and fastest-growing platforms in the Traffic Exchange Industry. It provides quality traffic to your website. RankBoostup provides so many Advance features to get more Traffic fastly. The working mechanism is the same as other Traffic Exchange Websites. You can also drive Traffic to your social media platforms. You can get Traffic according to your needs easily.

RankBoostup provides Traffic to your website. You should specify the percentage of Traffic you want to reduce the bounce rate that determines quality traffic in the algorithm. You can customize your Traffic easily. Also, you can use the Auto-surf browser to earn more credits. RankBoostup helps to get Traffic by ranking on keywords. Increase your Traffic and ranking using the most trusted auto-surf traffic exchange service.

You can decide from which platform do you want traffic example – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Or you want Traffic from all Platforms. RankBoostup has a feature called Lower bounce rate which helps to decrease bounce rate by asking the percentage of visitors you want to navigate to your site.

Visitor Duration is the best feature of RankBoostup. You can make visitors stay as long you want. This platform provides 24-hour support.

RankBoostup Key Features

  1. Desired targeted traffic
  2. Mobile Users friendly
  3. Country Targeting
  4. White Label Traffic
  5. Organic keywords
  6. Lower bounce rate
  7. Visitor Duration
  8. Scalable Results.

9). Herculist

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Herculist is the best Traffic Exchange Website. Herculist has two ways to advertise Email Exchange and Traffic Exchange. These two ways are the same main purpose is to get more visitors to your site. In Traffic Exchange ads watched by many visitors. Earn 50% Commission in Herculist referral program. Herculist sends you so many emails every day. One bad thing about Herculist because of so many emails you need a separate email account for the spam.

Herculist provides 100% real traffic. First, you can try the free version, and then you can shift to the premium version. Herculist delivered more Traffic and more result. It's mobile-friendly software. Currently Serving 188045 active members. Herculist gives a $5 signup bonus. It is a trusted platform for 20 years. Herculist help many business owners. Herculist is a safelist advertising program on the internet.

Herculist Key Features

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Guaranteed Visitors
  3. $5 Sign-up bonus
  4. 2:1 surf ratio / pro – 1:1 surf ratio
  5. 50% Commission on referral program
  6. Email Blaster, etc.

10). TrafficG

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

TrafficG is a free Traffic Exchange Website. You can get your target audience. TrafficG has an easy-to-use interface. You advertise to other business owners and in return, you get Traffic on your website. In addition, you can earn credits for referring others. To get started, you can just search websites according to your needs. Click on surfing you will be directed to other websites to visit them increase engagement, and get more impressions and visitors to your site.

TrafficG's best feature is you can promote unlimited websites. You need a premium version to get more surfing tools. TrafficG has good reviews by users, and it's 100% trustworthy. TrafficG only sends real users and visitors. It's a speedy website to use for Traffic Exchange compared to others. You should try TrafficG because it's 100% free to use.

TrafficG Key Features

  1. 1:1 exchange ratio
  2. Promote Unlimited Sites
  3. 5 level reward program
  4. Geo Targeting
  5. 38 Languages Supported
  6. 100% Free to Join
  7. 100% Free to Use
  8. 10 Free Visitor Credits
  9. 1000 Free Banner Impressions
  10. Buy Traffic from as little as $7, etc.

11). eBesucher

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

eBesucher is one of the best Traffic Exchange Websites. eBesucher is saving your time. You can earn without spending time on the computer by eBesucher even while you are sleeping. Moreover, Auto-surf program work is entirely automated. eBesucher has good reviews on their exchange.

eBesucher has both Email Exchange and Traffic Exchange. They have a section of jobs & business. eBesucher is best to get started with!

eBesucher Key Features

  1. Earn Money & MLM
  2. Surfbar
  3. Easy-to-use interface
  4. Book advertising
  5. So many features, etc


  • This Article is all about Best Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022. Traffic Exchange Websites are very helpful to those who are struggling to attract traffic to their website. We spend our time on research to find out the Best Traffic Exchange Websites. And we get 10+ Best Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022.
  • Best Traffic Exchange Websites help you to get best results in short period. Some Best Traffic Exchange Websites will help you to grow Social media following. We have listed only top and Best Traffic Exchange Websites. Most of the Traffic Exchange Websites are auto-surf.
  • Best Traffic Exchange Websites hits quality traffic to your website. Also you can do Geo-targeting for targeted audience. There are so many features to use in Traffic Exchange Websites. I Hope this will help you to grow your website traffic.

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