20+ Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021

Cryptocurrency is the revolution that can change the world with virtual currency. It will definitely replace physical currency in the future. Every individual has the curiosity to learn about cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a decentralized Technology where the cryptocurrency is stored and shared with almost 100% privacy. So many websites and projects are opening in the field of cryptocurrency.

Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021 for Advertiser and Publisher who don't know. The publishers and advertisers want to promote their projects and Crypto based websites. Crypto Ad network will help them to grow their businesses.

20+ Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021

Many people are working on crypto projects and Crypto websites. So this article is for those people who want to know the Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021. We have listed 20+ Ad Networks that you can use as a publisher or advertiser. To promote your Projects to High traffic Crypto-based websites with the help of these Ad networks. So let's start!

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What is Bitcoin Ad Network?

Bitcoin Ad Network is similar to Google Adsense but it's run ads for Crypto based projects and cryptocurrency sites. Basically to target Crypto audience. This Ad networks have connections with high-traffic Crypto websites. Where your ads are shown to drive traffic to your Crypto projects or Crypto websites.

What is Crypto Ad Networks?

Crypto ad networks are ad platforms like Google Adsense which support crypto-related projects and promotion. These networks help blockchain-oriented businesses to set up Campaigns for their projects using ads and banners. Ad networks help to drive traffic to your Crypto project by featuring your campaign on high-traffic websites.

It simply means doing promotion of your product or services to your targeted audience. Crypto ad networks support only cryptocurrency-related campaigns. Ad networks help to attract quality traffic to your crypto projects. Crypto ad networks are game-changing for business owners because the cryptocurrency topic is booming all over the world. Every individual wants to know about cryptocurrency. So this is the perfect time to attract people to your crypto projects.

Crypto ad networks are partner with famous cryptocurrency-related websites and help you place your Ads on those famous websites. Help you to get targetted traffic and Boost your cryptocurrency projects.

20+ Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021

1). Coinzilla


Coinzilla is one of the best and popular Crypto Ad networks. Many people use this Ad Network because of its heart-winning performance. It works on CPC and CPM marketing systems. You can run various types of ads like banner ads, native ads, floating banners, etc. Coinzilla is one of the Leading Ads networks with 1000+ Active monthly Crypto project publishers from all over the world. The best network for crypto traffic.

Coinzilla is not an old platform compared to other crypto ad networks. It is a part of an advertising industry that is based on crypto marketing and promotion known as Adselvo. Coinzilla is accurate in targeting crypto audiences which really interested in your projects and services. Coinzilla Ad Network required 3 months of domain authentication means you required domain with more than 3 months to get started otherwise they would reject your website. Coinzilla is also one of the Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021.

2). Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is one of the best Crypto Ad networks. This is the first platform that is based on Ethereum. Ad Dragon accepts all payments in cryptocurrency. It's help publisher to make more money. Key features of Ad Dragon they use decentralized Technology called Blockchain.

Basically, Ad Dragon is introducing a new advertising model. Ad Dragon gives full access to the Ad Advertiser or Ad publisher for the ads placement. Ad Dragon drives high-quality traffic to your project from all across the world.

3). Bitmedia.io


Bitmedia.io provides many options for targeting users. Bitmedia.io attracts millions of unique visits and 20 billion impressions monthly. Bitmedia.io launched in 2015. Bitmedia.io Artificial intelligence (AI) based company. Currently, 6000+crypto based websites are running more than 21,000 campaigns on Bitmedia.io. It's offers publishers to withdraw their earnings in cryptocurrency.

4). AdEx Network

AdEx Network

AdEx Network is the most transparent Crypto Ad Network. It's being more transparent by providing publishers real-time reporting. The key feature of AdEx Network is there is no limit on withdrawal and deposit.AdEx Network has thousands of monthly visits. These tools offer floating banners, native ads, banner ads, etc.

5). Coinverti


Coinverti provides the best ad solution for both publishers and advertisers. Coinverti provides transparency to Track the ad reach. Coinverti has a mechanism that identifies fraud traffic. It's launched in 2017. Coinverti accepts or gives payments in bitcoins. This platform supports decentralized blockchain technology.

6). Coin Traffic

Coin Traffic

Coin Traffic is the leading Crypto and Bitcoin Ad Network. Coin Traffic is located in Estonia. This bitcoin Ad network works with 500+ publishers and 3000+ Advertiser. Coin Traffic review and select only high-traffic crypto websites. Coin Traffic is only for bitcoin-related Crypto websites. It attracts audiences from all over the world who are really interested in Bitcoin. Its model is CPC.

7). Adshares


Adshares is a trusted Crypto Ad Network. Because it's guarantees number of impressions every single day. It's working with 2800+ Crypto Ad Network websites. Adshares key feature is payment can be made through 30+ cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, etc. It's very helpful for promoting investing platforms, Mining Operations, Tokens, etc.

8). A-Ads.com


A-Ads.com is old in the industry of Crypto since 2011. People have good reviews about this Ad Network. A-Ads.com has High reputation this platform help many advertiser and publisher to make more money. A-Ads.com accepts payment in Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. The key feature of A-Ads.com is they don't need the approval to Join. It offers many options to customize your campaign.

9). TokenAd


TokenAd supports banner ads, native ads, floating banners designed to attract more audiences to your website. It is one of the best Crypto Ad networks. TokenAd accepts payments in cryptocurrency and Fiat coins. The key feature of TokenAd is it supports 26+ different languages. It's display simple ads that drive high traffic to your website. TokenAd directly deals with publishers & advertisers From all over the world.

10). BitTraffic


BitTraffic revenue model is CPC and CPM. You can choose any one adverts among these two. Payment options are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. You can also use PayPal for payouts. Its referral program is good if you refer advertisers. You will get a 5% commission that the advertiser paid. This platform provides dedicated support which solves your queries within minutes. BitTraffic is track your revenue and provides the real-time reports.

11). MellowAds


MellowAds is a popular Ad network. It is the leading MellowAds company that started in 2015. MellowAds provide native ads, banner ads and pop up advertisement. Its revenue models offer CPC and CPM campaigns. Its referral program is best gives 50% commission for each new refer added to the Ad Network. Only offers payment in Bitcoin. Key features of MellowAds haves Automatic payment systems which pay 10% for ad campaigns.

12). Adconity


Adconity offers blockchain advertising which was founded in 2017. Its revenue model is CPM, CPC, and CPA. Adconity provides transparency between publisher and advertiser. The minimum payout for publishers is 50%. This Crypto Ad Network is based in Zurich. Offers high-quality ads in text format. Adconity is one of the best Crypto Ad networks.

13). ActiveRevenue


ActiveRevenue is a leading Crypto Ad Network. It's drive high-quality traffic to your website. ActiveRevenue is a demand-side platform (DSP). Provides all information to publisher and advertiser about ads. Its revenue model is CPC. Key features of ActiveRevenue are push notifications – Most popular ads because they deliver content like a device notification, Floating push, Pop Ads – This is the most popular Ad and most effective one, Domain Redirect.

14). MonadPlug


MonadPlug revenue model is CPC, CPM, and CPA. This company was founded in 2015. Payment methods are Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer. There are no minimum requirements to join MonadPlug. Key features of MonadPlug are Push notification, native banner, native advertisement. Reviews of this website are good it's helped many struggling publishers and advertisers to make more money. MonadPlug introduces new monetizing techniques. MonadPlug provides good client Experience, traffic increment, brand extension, targeted audience, etc.

15). PropellerAds


PropellerAds is one of the best advertising networks in 2021 with 1+ billion Active online monthly visitors. People trusted this platform because this company is launched in 2011 and always performing best since 2011. It has 750+ million daily ad impressions From all over the world. Build trust between users by giving real-time statistics, 24/7 support, live chat, etc. PropellerAds have connections with high-traffic Crypto-based websites. Which your ad will place and drive Millions of clicks to your Crypto projects. The rating of this platform is 4.5 which is very good.

16). CryptoAdsManager


CryptoAdsManager is a popular and amazing Crypto Ad Network. It is the best blockchain Ad Network. This Ad network helps to grow or progress your website easily. Its revenue model is CPC, CPM, etc. Key features of this Ad network is no high deposit to get started and it accepts payments via PayPal, bank deposit. CryptoAdsManager has cool features that give publisher and advertiser benefits to grow their projects.

17). SmartyAds


SmartyAds provides smart revolution and safety in the blockchain. It promotes blockchain technology. Its revenue model is CPC, CPM, etc. It's Provides a fraud-free ecosystem by verifying details of publishers and advertisers. It offers three key products, namely Blockchain DSP, Blockchain SSP, and Blockchain Ad Exchange. SmartyAds allow in all devices.

SmartyAds is a powerful solution for advertising and monetizing Crypto related websites. Helps to scale your business up fastly. For enterprises, it offers a white label Solution that is highly customizable. For example, For Sellers – White Label SSP, For Buyers – White Label DSP, For Ad Networks – White Label Ad Exchange. SmartyAds formats are video, native, Display, Rich media, etc.

18). Ubex


Ubex is a crypto Ad Network which is popular for blockchain technology advertising. This tool is more famous for Crypto Ad Exchange. It's based on neural networks and smart contracts. Ubex is a programmatic advertising platform.

19). Bitcoadz


Bitcoadz is an online marketplace for advertisers and publishers. To promote or monetize their crypto projects and Crypto based websites. Bitcoadz accepts payments in bitcoin. Its revenue model is CPC, CPM, POP, CPD. Ad exchange, Ad selling, and traffic exchange are automated on this Bitcoadz. We can track our ads easily. This is one of the best Platforms to scale your Crypto websites and projects.

20). Biggico


Biggico is a powerful Crypto Ad Network. Basically, it helps creators to earn cryptocurrency through Affiliate Marketing from all over the world. It is the best platform to earn money has a crypto audience. Its revenue model is CPA.

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Which Crypto Ad Network is best in 2021?

There are too many Crypto Ad Networks and all are the best we have listed in this article. We have given all information about Ad Networks. All our best to use in 2021. You can start with CoinZilla, Bitmedia.io, Ad Dragon, MellowAds best Crypto Ad Networks in 2021. I hope you get Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers in 2021


  • Crypto Ad Networks are very helpful for publishers and Advertiser. It is the best way to promote Crypto websites and projects easily. Crypto Ad Networks promote your ads to worldwide audience. It is great way to earn more money and collect your project related audience daily. This Ad networks only work for Crypto related websites. So it's easy for us to show case your projects to crypto audience only.
  • There are so many Crypto Ad Network out there my advice not to stick at one only. Try 2-4 ad networks which will give you experience about them in details. After using you will find your best Crypto Ad network easily. Some websites not easily approve your request.
  • Currently the crypto industry is booming with 154 million + people's are part of it. So introducing your project or website to them Crypto Ad Networks definitely will be helpful. Tha Advance Blog highly recommend you to use Crypto Ad Networks. Any body using any of this listed Crypto Ad Networks please share your experience in comments so it will be helpful for others.

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