15+ Best CPA Networks For Affiliates in 2022

What CPA Marketing is ?

CPA is an affiliate marketing model in which an advertiser (for example, an online store) pays money to the partner for a targeted action performed by his audience (subscribers, readers, viewers).

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular ways to earn money online in 2022.

It is working with affiliate programs that allow webmasters to earn passive income for a long time. All you need is a web resource and an audience that you can recommend something to and get paid for it.

A large selection of partners allows you to work in the field you are interested in: products, travel, programs, services, or online games. We have compiled a rating of partner programs in each of these verticals.

In this review, I want to share my selection of CPA networks and individual partners.


CPA Networks

Advertise is a CPA network with favorable terms for partners and advertisers. It covers all countries and verticals: gambling and online games, online shopping, dating, finance, tourism, mobile applications, etc. The network is characterized by high rates, detailed online statistics, exclusive promotional materials, and tools. Payments are made daily on business days via any payment system. Fast round-the-clock support is available.

  • The number of offers: 700+
  • Payouts: WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI wallet, MasterCard / Visa.
  • Support: Telegram @GenaAdvertise.



Admitad is an affiliate network that provides not only tools for work but also training. The network covers all countries and verticals: eCommerce, tourism, finance, and online games. There are also well-known events like Labor Day, Wordfest. Many exclusive programs are available only in Admitad. A telegram bot has been developed for partners. You can use it to check your balance, view statistics, and contact technical support.

  • The number of offers: 2200+
  • Payments: PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, bank cards, current account.
  • Support: Telegram @ExpertAdmitadBot.



Leads.su – One of the largest CPA networks in CIS countries. Leeds.su covers 12 countries, including Russia and the CIS countries. Verticals are mainly focused on finance: loans, cards, investments, transfers, and business services.

  • Number of offers: 450+
  • Payouts: WebMoney, QIWI, ZaleyCash, Capitalist, bank card, mobile phone, current account.
  • Support: Telegram @leadssu_bot.

#4. AdCombo


AdCombo is an affiliate CPA network with thousands of exclusive offers in low-competitive niches. Landing pages and pads are designed and localized by professionals for all languages. You can also order additional translations of advertising texts through the partner program interface.

Payments are made twice a week on request.

  • The number of offers: 3000+
  • Payouts: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney and Wire.
  • Support: E-mail [email protected]adcombo.com.



Alfaleads is an international CPA agency that works in finance, gaming, dating, sports, and gaming. The service offers a convenient system of analytics and statistics, various payment systems, responsive technical support, bonuses, and early payments.

  • Number of offers: 1000+
  • Payouts: Webmoney, UMoney, Qiwi, Capitalist, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard bank cards.
  • Support: Telegram @alfa_sup.



The top CPA network from the Push advertising network. CPA.House More than 600 offers in the following categories: Nutra, dating, gambling, IVR. 

CPA.house has a Personal manager and excellent 24/7 support. Web admins are offered a convenient dashboard, detailed statistics, audience analytics, quick moderation of sources, high bids, and individual conditions.

  • The number of offers: 650+
  • Payouts: WebMoney, Yu.Money, Qiwi, Capitalist, VISA, MasterCard, MIR.
  • Support: Telegram @CpaHouse_adv.



RevenueLab is an affiliate network explicitly designed for gaming and covering all countries. The casino industry leaders cooperate with it. The service offers detailed statistics that are updated every hour. Payments are made once a month. There is a responsive support service.

  • The number of offers: 700+
  • Payouts: WebMoney, QIWI wallet, Capitalist, BTC, Wire Transfer, Skrill.
  • Support: Telegram @RevenueLab.



AIVIX is an affiliate program that specializes in crypto offers. Almost the whole world accepts it. CPA bid range: from $200 to $1000 per lead. The network takes traffic from any source and offers unique creos for partner traffic.

  • The number of offers: 300.
  • Payouts: WebMoney, ZaleyCash, PayPal, Capitalist, Wire, ETH, BTC, USDT.
  • Support: Telegram @aivix_support.



Neogara is an affiliate program with highly convertible financial offers. Experts develop their landing pages to ensure maximum conversion on the live traffic. 

Neogara has an intuitive interface, easy integration, and detailed statistics and analytics.

Each partner has a personal manager around the clock.

  • The number of offers: on request.
  • Payouts: Yandex.Money, PaySera, WebMoney, Paxum, PayPal, BTC, Capitalist.
  • Support: Telegram @am_neogara.



Cpamatica is a well-known international partner program that accepts traffic from Europe, the United States, Asia, and Latin America from various sources (including spam). The partner program works directly with employers and periodically holds contests for web admins. Payouts are made without a hold.

  • The number of offers: 900+
  • Payouts from $50 on Paypal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire.
  • Support: Telegram @catherine_kyrsenko.



IMONETIZEIT is a CPA and Smartlink network that covers all countries. The main verticals are mainstream dating, gay dating, mobile content, and sweepstakes—payment models, CPL. Intelligent algorithms ensure that all traffic works for profit. The service features round-the-clock technical support, provides online statistics, and a fast payment system. There is a referral program.

  • The number of offers: 6000+
  • Payouts: Paxum, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, BTC, Webmoney, Capitalist, bank card, account.
  • Support: Telegram @Approve_IMonetizeit.



Datify is a Smartlink network that offers White labels, private and exclusive offers, covering all geolocations. Datify provides online statistics, fast daily payments without holding, and a user-friendly dashboard. 

Other advantages include optimization of advertising campaigns and convenient postbacks. 

There is a 5% referral program. 

There is round-the-clock technical support.

  • The number of offers: on request.
  • Payouts: WebMoney, QIWI wallet, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, current account.
  • Support: Telegram @datify.



Edu-revenue is an affiliate program for web admins working in writing essays for American, Canadian, and English students. Commission 60-75% for new orders and 20-35% for repeated ones. All listed clients are assigned to the partner. There is round-the-clock technical support and access to online statistics. 

Effective promotional materials are offered. There is a referral program – 5%.

  • Payouts: WebMoney, Capitalist, Payoneer, PayPal, BTC, AdvCash, USDT.
  • Support: Telegram @EduRevenueSupport.



JustClick is a service that supports entrepreneurs, online stores. Thus, partners get the opportunity to advertise a lot of popular products. Affiliate programs of stores are two tiers. You can attract customers or other partners, receiving a % of their income. There are affiliate programs for different niches: healthy lifestyle, info business, career, Internet, personal growth, etc.

  • The number of offers: 153.
  • Payments: unlimited to WebMoney, Bank Money, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, bank account.
  • Support: via your merchant profile.

#15. LeadGid


LeadGid is a financial CPA affiliate program that offers exclusive offers. 

The partner network covers 32 countries worldwide and offers the best API tools and the highest cashback on the CPA market. 

Many banks and MFIs serve as clients of the service. To register, you need to confirm your email address and contact your manager.

  • The number of offers: 500+.
  • Payouts: WebMoney; Yandex. Money, account, Visa, MasterCard;
  • Support: Email [email protected]/ru

CPA Networks According To Categories For Affiliates

CatagoryCPA Networks #1CPA Networks #2CPA Networks #3


Behind the Idea of affiliate marketing is very simple. You, as an affiliate, recommend high-quality services or products, and if anyone buys through your link, you receive a commission. Affiliate programs can be used as a marketing technique to increase revenue and raise brand awareness

There are two main formats of affiliate programs


Cooperation directly with the company involves registration in the affiliate program on its website. After registration, you can take a unique tracking link and start promoting this service.

For example, web hosting companies have such affiliate programs (for example, Bule host, Hostinger), online course selling websites (Skillshare, Udemy), and many other services.

Working directly with the company excludes intermediaries in the form of CPA networks from the chain, which can charge their commission. However, CPA Networks have their advantages.


They are also called affiliate networks, which contain various affiliate programs. To get started, you need to register on the CPA website and select the offer you want to promote. After that, take the affiliate link on the offer page, drive traffic, and get a reward.

CPA networks are used by services or stores that do not have their affiliate programs. For a webmaster, such networks are convenient because they can work with several ad platforms at once in one place.

Examples of such networks are ClickBank, Commission junction, impact, ShareAsale, and others.


When starting with affiliate marketing, it is essential to know the primary term used in affiliate marketing to save your time. We've put together the basic concepts in one place:

  • Affiliate — a person who works with affiliate programs.
  • Traffic is the flow of users who click through to a web resource (website, app) over a specific time.
  • Paid traffic — direct traffic to a specific offer to earn money. You can send traffic from paid traffic sources, such as ad networks, or accessible traffic sources, such as your site.
  • Offer — a product or offer from an advertiser. An offer can be a product service, service, game, or app.
  • Bundle — a combination of a specific offer and a source that makes a profit.
  • Vertical-in affiliate marketing is the name of the niches in which an affiliate program or offer is presented.
  • Lead — In simple words, a lead capture page in internet marketing or affiliate marketing, a webpage through which we capture the data of visitors such as their name, email address, etc
  • Conversion Rate — The number of leads relative to the total amount of traffic.
  • ROI or Return of investment is represented as a calculation of how much you earn from something compared to how much you spend on something.

People Also Asks

🔑 What are CPA networks?
 CPA network is an advertising model in which a publisher is paid for an action that someone takes on their site. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, the individual may not need to make a purchase in order for the publisher to receive a payment.
🔑 Where can I find CPA offers?
An affiliate network (or CPA network) is the easiest way to find CPA offers. They willingly cooperate with affiliates of any level. Affiliate networks provide help from managers and promotional materials. But the payouts there will be lower than direct advertisers offer
🔑 How to choose a Good CPA network?
A good CPA network updates its offers regularly and you should have a sizable list of offers to choose from — around 500 usually does the trick. Like with verticals and GEOs, it's not about quantity, but you should try to work with a platform that monitors the quality of offers to ensure good results.
🔑 What is a CPA affiliate?
CPA affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing. CPA stands for cost per action. In this model, the affiliate is paid for driving traffic and completing a specific action. This action can be, for example, a sign-up, sale, or request a quote
🔑 What is a good CPA in marketing?
A “good” CPA is one that maximizes your profit while reaching as many people as possible. For example, suppose that you pay a CPA cost of $30 for a campaign advertising a product that costs $100. However, costs such as labor, materials, and manufacturing an overhead total $80.

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