Cometly Review 2022 | Best Facebook Ad Tracking Tool?

Welcome to Cometly Review. In this article, we are reviewing cometly the best tool for Facebook ad tracking. Cometly directly works with server to server. You can track all your ad campaigns easily. You can share data with Facebook with one click. Let's start Cometly Review!

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Cometly Review

What is Cometly?

Cometly is a tool that helps you to track, analyze and scale your Facebook ad campaigns. Basically, it's an E-commerce tool that provides you time reports. It's directly connected to Facebook ads or your Shopify store. Cometly tracks 100% of your sales back to the correct Facebook ad. Cometly review communicates server to server for real-time data. It also saves money and time. Cometly makes it easy to run Facebook ads. Cometly is the only ad tracking software that directly connected with Shopify API and Facebook API

InIt's best feature is Accurate Ads Manager. Cometly saves a lot of time. As an affiliate marketer & business owner cometly will help you a lot. You can track your current time accurate sales. Cometly offers a 14 day free trial to new users. Cometly tool is made by people who have experience of 10+ in Facebook ads. So they face problems while running ads. So cometly is the solution from experienced people.

How Cometly Works?

  1. STEP 1 – If Users Click on ad. Which you are running from your Facebook ad manager.
  2. STEP 2 – User lands on your store and buys product.
  3. STEP 3 – In Cometly Dashboard you will see a table where all details are updated about current sale. Which ad generated a sale.
  4. STEP 4 – Cometly is connected with Facebook ad manager server so all purchase data will send to your cometly account. There many other features of cometly that will help you to scale your ads easily and fastly.

Cometly Key Features

1). Accurate Ad Attribution

Accurate Ad Attribution you can track your 100% accurate sales. It saves a lot of time. Because you have lots of work as a business owner. You can't depend on 3rd party tools which don't provide accurate tracking. Cometly is directly connected with your Facebook ad manager. It provides 100% accurate tracking because it's directly connected through servers. Cometly works server to server. This is the best tool for Facebook ads. With this 100% accurate tracking you can make more money. It shows all details of Facebook ads. Cometly Review has details about its founders. The Founders are running ads for 10+ years. Cometly is Built by advertisers, for advertisers.

Cometly founder work on problems that every marketer face. Accurate Ad Attribution is the best feature of cometly. This can change the way of marketing Facebook ads. You can stay two steps ahead of your competitors. Tracking results is very important in marketing. Cometly helps to scale your ad campaigns smartly. They help advertisers profit more from their ads through better attribution and analytics. This tool is a solution to all problems that you are facing while running the Facebook ad. Accurate Ad Attribution helps you to make more money.

2). Top Performers

Cometly helps you to identify the top performers of an ad campaigns. So you optimize and scale your ad performance. This feature will help you to know which ad is forming best. With that tracking, you can continue to optimize better ad campaigns easily. Top performers provide you accurate tracking. This feature quickly identifies the ad campaigns. You also can see how much you have spent on each top performer. Ad Accounting Budgeting gives all overviews of the top performers. Cometly saves a lot of time with this top performers feature.

3). Send Data Back To Facebook

Cometly direct sends your sales data to Facebook. It's integrated with the Facebook conversion API. That will help to send all your data to Facebook. For more ad optimization. Cometly works more on machine learning. Which accurately captures all data and connects with direct Facebook servers. You can easily share your all data back to Facebook. With this ML-based feature, all data is automatically shared to Facebook. You can easily get an option of conversion API data sharing. If you have stored it on Shopify. By turning on this conversion API data sharing. Cometly sends all data directly through to Facebook using API conversion. That means data can't be blocked by ad blockers

4). Spend Analysis

Cometly has the feature of spend analysis. So you can keep a close eye on your daily budget. You can use and track different ad account. These features save a lot of time. You have to keep eye on every spending because you have to know how much you spending and what sales are you getting. Sometimes the ad does not work so you can stop running ad campaigns. If you run ad daily this feature help you a lot. All live tracking you can see in the dashboard. Cometly is offer 14 days free trial so first use it free. If results are coming then you move for paid plans.

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4). Ad Set Daily Breakdown

Ad Set Daily Breakdown helps to show all data of a single ad daily. So you can track every data with one click. By clicking on this a table opens which contains all your daily ad breakdowns. Analyse day-to-day metrics for any ad set by this feature. The feature allows discovering the performance of all your sets. So you can make good decisions for ad optimization. Plan your ad campaigns and break down it by Ad Set Daily Breakdown easily.

5). Campaign Profit & Loss

Campaign Profit & Loss helps you to easily analyze and track the profit & loss of each ad campaign you have run. Using this feature you can easily spy on your ad account. That will help you to see which ad campaign is generating more profits compared to other ones. Tracking these reports you can customize the ad campaigns for performing better in the future. It's very important to learn from losses. This feature can double your sale if you really work on it.

6). Aggregated Reporting

You can Monitor campaigns and budgets across as many ad Accounts as you want. You can see your daily accurate report in a single table. Cometly helps us to run different ad accounts. As a marketer, you can moderate different accounts with a single click. Aggregated Reporting is the key feature for many marketers. Tracking results can make a big change in sales. Cometly offer tracking of Clicks of 24h, 7days, 28 days. So it's connected to Facebook ad servers your data is fastly shared. It only takes minutes or reports to show a report. People suggest don't run without cometly.

Cometly Pricing

Cometly Review

Is Cometly worth it?

Cometly is the best ad tracking tool. Many ad marketers use this tool. Cometly's founders have 10+ years in Facebook ads. So they found many difficulties while tracking the ads. There are many software's but Cometly is all in a tool. Cometly offers a free 14-day trial to new users. With amazing features of tracking. If you are a business owner who runs ads daily then cometly is best for you. As a marketer, you can run as many ad accounts as you want.


  • Cometly is best ad tracking software. It's directly connected with Shopify API and Facebook API. Cometly have some cool features with help of them you can send data in one click, etc. It's shows all ad report in forms of table so user can easy read it. Spend Analyze, Aggregated Reporting, Ad set daily breakdown, Accurate Ad Attribution are some cool features.
  • Cometly is best because the founders have 10+ years in facebook ads. They face many difficulty while tracking there results. So they decided to give the solution to other marketer. So they created cometly for all in one solution for marketers. Reviews of cometly are good. People suggesting that never run ad without cometly.
  • Cometly stand out from others because of accurate tracking with API. you can track multiple ad accounts. You can start there free trail. All marketers achieving success in facebook ads with the help of cometly. In this Cometly review we have given detail insights of cometly. Hope you enjoy this Cometly review. If you have any questions or suggestions on this cometly review please comment it. Thanks!

People Also Ask

Is Cometly is the best tool for Ad Tracking?

Yes, Cometly Works server to server with Facebook ad manager. So all data you can share with one click. It is also best because it's affordable for everyone. Cometly have all good reviews.

Why Cometly is different from others?

Cometly provides all features of ad tracking. It shows 100% accurate sales. Also, you can check all graphs of ad campaigns you have run. With help of graphs & tracking, you can scale your business.

Cometly is paid tool?

Yes, Cometly is paid tool. But they are offering free 14 days trial for new Signup. And their pricing plans are affordable

Cometly have Affiliate Program?

Yes, You can earn a good income from cometly affiliate program. If someone Signup for paid plans you will get a good commission for each Signup.

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    As and when business grows we can migrate to higher subscription plans


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