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We are working on the course to providing the best value to Our Users.

Why are we taking So Much time to make a Course?

Because We want to provide Some Useful information in our course, different from other any course in the market, in the market, many courses, but they show their income proof and sell their course which not solve your problem because they do not teach how to start from zero and how to face the issue as a beginner.

They show the same and old method to find keywords and rank on this, but the truth is different because at this time, all people find keywords using these methods and are unable to find low competition and high volume traffic keywords for their blog, and they failed in blogging.

Why do they not find low competition and high volume traffic keywords for their blog?

Ans: They use the same method and technique used by many people, and they cannot find the right and valuable keyword. Because many people find those keywords and start working on these keywords and hard for beginners to rank on these keywords because they do have not have Proper SEO Knowledge and Website authority.

What topic we will include in your course.

Website Development Course.

  • What is a Blog Website?
  • Basic of Website
  • what is hosting
  • what is a domain name
  • how to buy hosting
  • How to select the perfect niche for you
  • how to buy a domain name related to your niche
  • how to connect hosting to your domain
  • how to install WordPress
  • WordPress Basic
  • Make a Professional website with many different pages builder like Gutenburg, Elementor, Thrive, and many more. (Not, All in other's Courses)
  • How to index your website in Google
  • Make your website Mobile friendly (Not in Many Other's Courses)
  • How to speed up your website for a higher ranking.
  • And Some Advance Topics.

Advance SEO Course.

  • Beginners Friendly
  • What is SEO
  • Simple Definition of SEO for Beginners
  • Why Important SEO
  • Basic of Keyword
  • Why Important Keyword for Beginners
  • Advance Way to find Keywords Ideas(Not in Other's Courses)
  • How to find Keywords on your Ideas
  • Advance Way to find Keywords (Not in Other's Courses)
  • Know which Factor Important for ranking
  • Know how to create content (SEO friendly)
  • Basic of Backlinks
  • How to get high DR Backlinks
  • How to find your competitors
  • Know how to beat up your competitors
  • How to earn money without organic traffic (Secret Way)
  • And Some Other Important Topic

If we are missing any topics and other factors, Please Comment Below. Your Comment Valuable to the US

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