Robby Blanchard Spy Hero Ad Spying Tool Review {Jan 2022}

The Ad spy software helps online businesses to grow faster. New Software of Ad spy known as Spy Hero. This software is created by one of the best Affiliate Marketers known as Robby Blanchard. In comparison to what your existing competitors are doing, you as a marketer can use these ads based on the niche of your business. You now have the power to create your own Facebook, Google, Instagram Ads.

We get a lot of questions from new Affiliate Marketers about whether Facebook Ads Spy Tools are doing well in their industry and how they can generate high-converting social traffic to their offers at a low cost per click. Affiliate Marketers need an Ad Spy tool to keep eye on competitors. Also to check trending ads campaigns, Ads Search, Ads info, Ads Filter, etc.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Ad Spy tool for 2022. That will help you to grow your business on a large scale with less effort. Spy Hero is an all-in-one tool. You can explore a lot of features in this App. We will review this tool in depth. If you don't know what is Ad Spying is? How does it work? Well, we will give all information regarding Ad spy in this article. So let's Start the Review on Spy Hero.

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What exactly Ad Spying is ?

AdSpy gives you access to the advertiser's identity, as well as the ad copy, URL, and landing page. It gives you access to all of the information available on the original advertisement; The ad's number of likes and comments, as well as the demographics of its target audience.

How does Ad Spying Tools work ?

Ad spy tools are programmes that allow users to see what goes on behind the scenes of a successful ad campaign. Please offer the most accurate measurements. That's it! Allows you to utilise the same method for all of your advertising efforts and get consistent results.

It also provides you with market context and aids in your understanding of the strategies of a continuously changing platform where precision targeting can make a significant difference. Ad spy software allows you to see how your own brand, competitors, and other organisations spend money on advertisements and which methods appear to be the most effective.

What are spy tools in affiliate marketing?

A spy tool is essentially a database of landing pages and creatives that are used across a variety of traffic sources, GEO, verticals, and ad formats. You may look at, and often download, the most popular, most clicked, longest-running, and best-converting landing pages and creatives, depending on the functionality supplied by different spy tools. They are updated daily, if not hourly, to provide you with the most up-to-date information on top performers.

How to use affiliate marketing spy tools?

If you believe that purchasing an ad spy technology will relieve you of the need to create landing pages, you are mistaken. The spy software does allow you to download assets generated by others and utilise them with little changes. You're ready to go once you've exchanged the links. However, this isn't the greatest course of action. Creative weariness is a severe problem that prevents your ads from succeeding.

Why should you use spy tools?

Ad spy tools are useful with many ad formats including; push notification ads, native ads, push ads, pop ads, domain ads, and any ad with a landing page. Spy tools are a very important part of the competitive research process. Besides network and traffic source representatives’ recommendations, it’s good to look at the whole industry to get the broadest perspective possible. It’s just good old-fashioned market research.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Commission Hero was created by Robby Blanchard. Robby is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry. If you're into affiliate marketing, you've probably heard of this company. This is the person that got the Commission Hero success tales started in the first place. He is also the founder and CEO of Blanchard Media, a company that makes millions of dollars through affiliate marketing. He also struggles a lot to reach this level. He is the best Affiliate Marketer. Recently he Launched his Tool name as Spy Hero.

Best Ad spy tools that works in 2022

Spy Hero

Spy Hero

Spy Hero is a fantastic Facebook Ads Spy Software. It has a number of tools that allow customers to see who their competitors are attempting to reach or their target audience. It divides ads into categories based on where they appear, such as in the News Feed or on the Side, so you can see which ones convert the best in your industry. Brands may go to the location and check out the real-time interaction as well as the audience's reaction to the ads.

Spy Hero can help you enhance your Social Ads Advertising Campaigns in a significant way. It can uncover undiscovered niches and lucrative prospects for you, freeing you from the burdens of content development, campaign target identification, niche research, and more.

What is Spy Hero?

Spy Hero is an Ad Spying tool. It is created by one of the best Affiliate Marketers known as Robby Blanchard. According to him, this will be the best Ad spy tool. Spy Hero is a new software that you need to research Winning ads. Using this tool you can earn more money. This Tool is Specially made for Facebook. #1 Facebook Spy Tool.

It can monitor a large number of commercials while conducting in-depth studies into a competitor's performance in 50 countries. The data is acquired from global mobile adverts and presented in a number of formats, including in-depth study, to help you make smarter judgements.

Robby Blanchard in past using different spy tools. He is telling me no one is working for him at starting. He is frustrated by other tools. Then Robby Blanchard decided to create a Spy tool that fulfils all needs of users. Then he comes with his software name as Spy Hero. This software is available as an app at Apple Store. Robby Blanchard started working on this software a long time ago he want to implement all features in one tool.

Commission Hero is best selling course made by Robby Blanchard. After learning from this Course many people build their careers in Affiliate Marketing. The course was highly Practical. People have trust that Spy Hero software will be the best Tool for Affiliate Marketers.

Spy Hero Key Features

  • Spy Hero users can use filters like Attribute, Industry, Objective, and Placement to help businesses find the right adverts. AdEspresso also features an Ad gallery with a free list of curated Ads from various niches, demonstrating how industry leaders create their Ad Campaigns. It's all in one Ad spy tool.
  • You have complete control over how many advertisements you see, and you can split Social Ads based on places such as News Feed and Side Location to see which ones convert best in your niche.
  • SpyHero allows you to access live ad posts directly from the platform to provide you with crystal clear visibility of Ads metrics. You can go to the site and monitor the real-time interaction as well as the audience's reaction to the adverts.
  • Spy Hero has the ability to search for advertisements depending on your specialised keywords, advertisers, and even your competitors' domains. You can also go to a competitor's top-performing advertiser's website and see practically all of their advertising.
  • You may come across multiple ad concepts that you'd like to employ in future ad campaigns; simply bookmark them and they'll be added to your customised Ads inventory. There's no need to look for them again and again.
  • Search for common keywords phrases terms within advertising to find exactly the ads you're looking for. You may then sort the advertisements by date, shares, likes, and comments to quickly uncover the most effective advertising for your campaign.
  • Spy Hero features the fastest-growing category of Social Video Ads, which allows you to see what types of video ads your audience responds to and download them for your own ad campaigns. Without a doubt, images are fantastic, but video is unquestionably superior, or at the very least, the most recent ad technique that now works best on social media.
  • This comprehensive Spy Hero Analysis tool allows you to search for advertising using exact or relevant keywords and analyse ads from precise to broad results for better analysis.

Ads Overview

Spy Hero

Ads Search

Ads Search

Ads Info

Ads Info

Ads Report

Ads Report

Best Facebook Ads spy tool

Spy Hero Tools for Facebook will provide you with a new degree of information and awareness about what's going on, right down to the granular level, and will help you gain perspective over the entire advertising landscape. You may steal ideas, examine what's successful in the long run and what's hot right now, and use it all to develop your own unique campaigns that help you stand out in the marketplace. This ability to reverse engineer competition ads is a fast track to success, and it can even help you find fresh offerings and design options that you would not have considered. Spy Hero is the best tool for Facebook ad Spy.

Spy Hero Pricing

Spy Hero is the best tool for Affiliate Marketing. Spy filters are quite beneficial for narrowing down the search parameters and determining which are the most relevant to your campaign. Spy Hero is an all-in-one tool. Pricing >>>> $149 Month

Is Spy Hero Worth it?

Spy Hero is designed to spy on Push and Native Ads and is more of a comprehensive ad intelligence programme than a Facebook Ad Spy Tool. It's still worth mentioning because it can open up a slew of new traffic sources, affiliate networks, and ad formats for you to leverage in your own campaigns. Spy Hero is totally Worth it.

Spy Hero is best Ad spying tool in 2022

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  • Staying one step ahead of the competition necessitates the use of spy tools. They allow you to obtain in-depth knowledge of what's going on in the sector and assist you in making decisions about your future business movements.
  • When choosing a spy tool, the most crucial thing to remember is to decide exactly what kind of adverts you'll be spying on. Check to see if the spy tool's catalogue contains your preferred traffic sources and ad networks.
  • You may easily follow your competitor's campaigns using the Spy Hero to learn the key to their successful ad campaigns and incorporate the findings into your own.

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