The Right Blogging Strategy: To Generate Lots Of Money And Traffic

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Most successful Internet businesses get new customers, massive traffic through blogs on the site.

Blogs attract more traffic and customers than regular promotions and direct sales. What exactly will ensure your blog's success?

How a blog helps your business

  • First, Sites gets traffic through blogs. If anyone searches on Google for a question related to your niche.
  • Second, If you update your blog content regularly, people return to read your newly updated blog repeatedly.

That works if your target customers find detailed answers to their questions, they are interested in your experience, and reviews of your products.

The foundation of a good blog is the good content

You must constantly update your blog with new content. The keyword here is CONSTANTLY.

So I suggest that you take your eyes on the monitor right now and honestly answer yourself one question: how much time per day, per week, and month am I willing to spend on a blog?

A lot depends on this figure. Next, try to imagine how much time it takes you to create a single post or instead measure in reality.

If a job, a small child, or an active social life don't allow you to write more than one post a week, then exhale and write this very one post.

It is better to write one high-quality post, but it should be published once a week. Even better — choose different categories and assign them to specific days.

Alternatively, you can take one main blog topic and assign it 50% of the content, and the rest of the content can be on other related issues.

The ratio of content in categories is chosen only by you. It is vital to keep a rhythm and publish something on your topics so that readers do not lose focus and do not forget what your blog is about in general.

Of course, you are a living person, some topic may no longer be interesting to you, and another will replace it.

The main thing is that this transition should be smooth not to frighten your reader,
Therefore, category names should be intuitive and straightforward.

Avoid vague, ornate names: only specifics, only hardcore.

Creating a point-by-point blog plan

Blogging Strategy
  1. Communication message: Communication message is a general topic that your customers are interested in, a group of questions that can provide answers on your site.

For example, if you sell business courses, select the category of people you want to work with – individuals or corporate clients.

All publications, starting with the first one, must convey this message.

Try to complete a small task.

  • Think about the main message you want to convey to the readers of your blog.
  • Based on this, choose topics for your first posts.

If you want to start a blog, pay attention to blogs you read with pleasure blogs. Look at the design style and article titles of these blogs.

2. Categories: make your blog more convenient.

Categories make your blog more convenient.

Pay attention, for example, to the blog of the Academy of Correct Copywriters.

The main segment of the site's audience is copywriters and freelancers of other specialities. Therefore, the site has categories that are interesting for them:

“Copywriting career,” “Communication with clients,” “Marketing Basics,” Writing texts,” “Useful tools.”
Please note that each group of questions from target users has a separate category dedicated to it.

Some types motivate and spark interest (“Interviews,” “Personal Productivity”).
In general, it is helpful to create from 4 to 10 categories in a blog.

 3. Content formats:

Let's return to the fact that a blog can use different formats for submitting information. For example:

  • video recordings
  • audio recordings
  • text articles
  • articles with photo and video reviews included.

In addition, you can publish in different genres:

  • reviews and storytelling
  • instructions
  • reviews
  • interview
  • reviews.

Choose the format and genres depending on what products you sell and advertise and how you prefer to communicate with customers.

However, a separate blog category can only contain video reviews or interviews.

 4. Frequency of publications:

At the stage of developing a publication plan, you can consider::

  • how often will you add stories and reviews?
  • How often will the blog post interviews?
  • And be sure to specify the release dates and formats of all posts.

It's easy for blog owners to retain loyal target customers when they stick to their chosen pace. The pace is worth picking, taking into account your capabilities.

How do I create a strategy for my blog?

Blogging Strategy

Start with the goal

Step 1. Decide what you want to blog for. Select one global goal and several subgoals, for example:

Global: I want to convey to as many people as possible the idea of the benefits of psychotherapy.

It is not necessary to strive to make a blog for a million people. The most common mistake: setting a goal is to gather an audience of several million people. At some point, you start to get frustrated because it's not so easy to attract a large audience.

Choose a goal that will really “drive” you.


  • create a safe space for discussion of the topic between subscribers;
  • develop your own personal brand — including among colleagues;
  • recruit a sufficient number of clients for consultation;
  • find partners to create an online course and sell it;
  • build your readers ‘ expectations for your book and sell it.

Be sure to write down your goals so that you can remember why you are doing this in the first place.

Do your research

Step 2. Choose bloggers and opinion leaders who write in your field, as well as those who are just like you. Learn how they conduct social networks:

  • what format of content is uploaded;
  • what reader engagement mechanics do they use?;
  • how often do they publish posts and stories, go live;
  • what does the audience respond better to and what does it react worse to?;
  • what the blog looks like;
  • what is the ratio of personal / professional content?;
  • do you have any collaborations with other bloggers, partners, and brands?

See how the blog visually looks. Where did these photos come from? From the studio or live footage? Images or alternation? It's interesting to see what others are doing to steal the best from them, but supplement it with their own. Peeking at other people is normal.

Choose a social network

Step 3. Decide which social network account you plan to develop.

There are a lot of them now.

Take into account the specific features of your audience. The audience in social networks strongly intersects, but you can still identify key differences. Learn the pros and cons of logging in to each social network. The algorithms of social networks are very different — decide what is closer to you. When a new social network appears, it's great to go straight to it: it's usually easier to gain an audience there. Focus on your feelings. It's best to work with the social network that you use most often and that you like.

not worth:

— Try to maintain all social networks at once — it is better to choose one or two and do it efficiently;
– Suddenly turn your personal account into a professional blog.

Pros and cons

Now a little bit about the pros and cons of each social network.


Blogging Strategy

Let's start with Instagram — it's my favourite. There is a very cool and engaged audience that reads long posts, among other things. Instagram has a huge number of content tools. There are live broadcasts. Now Instagram is testing something similar to Clubhouse. But now there are a lot of authors there, and the entry threshold is higher than before. If you started a blog, say, 5-7 years ago, it was much easier to gain an audience than it is now because then people were not yet fed up with content, there were fewer active authors. Therefore, you need to try here.


Blogging Strategy

Vkontakte has the largest monthly audience. But you still need to make sure that she sees you, because Vkontakte has its own loyalty system for authors, and it is not so easy to master it. Vkontakte gives a very low coverage, their algorithms are completely not loyal to the authors. You can have 300 thousand subscribers, and only 10 thousand of them will see your posts if you don't post funny pictures. If you post them, then Vkontakte will probably do.


Blogging Strategy

There is an idea that this is a social network where people dance and make faces, there are only teenagers and calls to go to rallies. In fact, this is not the case. If you just Google “TikTok audience USA2021”, you will see that there is an adult audience, there are cool and serious blogs that are well promoted. There is a caveat: it is impossible to predict which video will fire. But in any case, it's very interesting. TikTok is a cool platform for experimentation.

There will come a time when TikTok will tighten its algorithms, but now, I think, there is still time to enter there. By the way: TikTok is a great way to” pour ” Instagram.


Blogging Strategy

There is a cool professional audience, opinion leaders, a large number of different chips for creating content. But Facebook has a very awkward interface, especially if you are creating a brand page. They always try to improve the interface, make it convenient, but each time they only complicate it.


Blogging Strategy

If you have a professional topic, you can record a detailed video. Great space for creativity: you can clearly convey your ideas to the audience, get into the “Recommendations”. Plus, it's clear how to make money.

The only downside is that it's hard to make good content. Although now it is enough just to buy a lamp and record a video with a “talking head”. And if you say cool things, you have interesting content, you don't need anything else.


Blogging Strategy

Cool stuff. It grew very much because part of the audience left Whatsapp. Telegram has a huge new audience: many people have work chats there, and everyone goes there.

Telegram has a great audience and no intrusive ads. You can give paid ads if you have literally several thousand subscribers, and they will cost more than on Instagram.

An interesting platform for sharing your thoughts. If you make really interesting content, people will start sending it, and you can gain a good audience. It is in Telegram that your 5 thousand subscribers will be equal to 50 thousand on Instagram. People who follow you really read you and are ready to sign up for consultations or buy something.

Is it normal to upload the same content to different social networks?

Normal. This practice is called “cross-posting”.

How do we do it?

We have almost the same content on Facebook and Vkontakte: they read long articles well. Instagram has different content, because it has a different amount of characters and information is perceived differently. In the myth, it so happened that Instagram is the main social network, we have a large part of the audience there.

I'll tell you about the numbers: we have 300 thousand subscribers on Vkontakte, and about the same number on Instagram. At the same time, Instagram posts are seen by up to 100 thousand people, without ads, and Vkontakte-25 thousand people.

Make a content plan

Step 4. Use the notion to create a content plan that includes post topics and publication dates.

You can create a content plan in a table format or using services like Trello, notion— this is a service where you can plan the days of the week. There it is very convenient to create a content plan and discount posts.

How often should I publish content?

There are no uniform rules, but it is better to do it regularly.

  • Optimal: 1 post per day + several stories.
  • It's also normal: several publications per month + several stories per day.
  • Live broadcasts: 1-4 times a month.

I don't recommend being a person who makes 20-30 stories a day. The bloggers I mentioned above work like this: they make several publications a month and several stories a day. Previously, Instagram required you to post every day. I even remember that there was a time when we made 5 posts in MYTH. It seems to have been normal, but now it's bad manners. Now the main thing is not quantity, but quality.

When you start, it's best to get together, create a strategy, a rubricator, and a content plan. Imagine your reader who found you on social media, and try to imagine what they will think of you. At a minimum, you should have decent recent posts, captions, and everything else. When you have enough experience, you can do this less systematically.

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