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How to Start Blogging

If you want to start blogging, then answer the following questions.

  • Want to make money through blogging
  • Want to quit your job
  • Want to become your own boss
  • Want to spend time with your family
  • Want to live a financially free life

If the answer is yes, then blogging for you. You can complete, Your these dreams through blogging.

If you did not know how to start a blog that make your dreams true, don't worry. We are here to help you.

You can start blogging with 6 Simple steps.

Step #1 : Pick a Domain Name Related to Niche

Before We Dive into, How to pick a domain. Let's Understand What is Niche?

Niche mean a topic in your are interested. Like, if you are interesed in health, and on health topic you can create lots of content then you can select your niche as health.

Read more about niche Selection

After finding the perfect niche next step is to choose a blog name. In this article, I'll show you how to choose a blog name.

First of all, go to, and type your blog name.

After typing your blog name, click on the search, and if you find it already registered, choose a similar name, add it to the cart, and click on Continue to cart.

On the Full Domain, Privacy & Protection page, click on no thanks. If you want to buy a professional email like [email protected], select it else, select no thanks. And hit on continue to cart.

Select Year and click on Continue to Checkout, make an account on, fill in billing information, enter your credit card number, and make payment. After Successful payment, you have your blog name for your website.

TIP: You can buy a domain at other domain name registration site like: Namecheap, Hostinger.

The next step after buying a domain name is to select a good hosting.

Step #2: Select a Good Hosting for your blog

Web hosting is a place where your website's data stores. This is an online server that stays online 24*7, So your website stays online all time.

There are many Webhosting providers companies, but I'll introduce you to the cheap and best hosting service providers company in this article.

Which is Bluehost. WordPress recommends Bluehost, and it offers everything you need to create a blog, features like:

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Doman name (Saving of 12$/year)
  • Easy to use CPanel
  • Live Chat Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • It only cost $2.95/month

To buy hosting, follow these steps :

Go to and click on Get started.

Select a plan according to your requirements. If you want to start one blog, then select the basic plan.

On the next page, you can claim a free domain name for your website. If you not ready for the domain name yet, Click on I'll create my domain later.

On the next page, fill up Account Information and Pay special attention to package extras as you can skip a few things to save some money. Uncheck everything in Package Extras (According to your need).

After this, fill up your payment information. You can use a credit card and Paypal for payment. Check the Privacy Notice Box and submit.

Once Payment was successful, Bluehost takes 5-10 minutes to create your blog. This is process automatic. Beginners do not face any problems during the setup blog.

The cool part of Bluehost is, Once you Connect domain name and hosting, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress Software on Your hosting.

After installing WordPress, the next part is to customize Your WordPress Website.

The Advance Blog Tips: You can buy hosting at any other hosting provider company like,,,,, etc.

TIP: You can buy hosting at other hosting provider company like GreenGeeks, Hostinger, Hostgator

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Step #3: Setup Your Website on WordPress

To login to your WordPress website, go to any browser and type your domain name/login. Enter like:

If you enter everything correctly, a login page appears. Type your username and password, which you set up during WordPress installation.

You can explorer all options, one by one yourself.

You can give an amazing look to your website by using different types of themes.

You can use readymade theme templates for less effort in making a website. You can edit it according to your need.

In this article, I'm using a theme called Astra and its ready-made templates.

To install the theme and use ready-made templates, follow these steps one by one.

Step #1: Go to Your WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to Appearance>Themes>Add new

After clicking on add new, you can upload a theme from your local system, and you can search for a theme in WordPress. In WordPress, lots of themes.

I am using the Astra theme, which is already in the WordPress theme store. If you want to use any other theme, Which is not in the WordPress theme store, You can upload it from your system. (Important: theme file must be in zip format)

Install theme and activate it for using the theme for your website.

TIP: You can use any other popular themes like: Generatepress, Divi, Neve.

Step #2: Import Read-made Templates for the Website

To import ready-made templates, Navigate to Appearance>Astra Options and click on Install importer Plugin.

After installing the importer plugin, click on see the library and select page builder.

I am using Elementor page Builder because Elementor is easy to use page builder.

After selecting page builder, You can import ready-made templates to your website.

In the library, You can use any templates according to your requirement. If you want to use premium templates, then buy Astra pro.

After importing templates, edit with your favourite page builder.

Step #4: Install some Useful Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins, but for beginners, some plugins may help a lot.

Some important plugins you can install for your new blog

  • Yoast SEO
  • ShortPixels
  • Jetpack by
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • WP Super Cache
  • Classic Editor
Let us know how to install plugins.

To install plugins, Navigate Plugin>Add new.

You can search for any plugin in the WordPress Plugin store, or you can upload it from your system (Important: Plugin File Must be in Zip format)

To install Plugin, Search for any plugin and click on install. After installing, activate it for use on your website.

How to set up the Yoast SEO plugin?

Step #5: Write a Blog Post

To rank, your website on the google, Most important part is to write blog posts for your website.

Some important points for writing a post

  • Write unique content
  • Don't copy other's
  • Write content in short paragraphs
  • Add Table of content
  • Use Some images in your content
  • Use video in your content
  • Write Summary at the end of content
  • Add FAQ section in your content

How to use WordPress default editor to write a post

Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate Post>Add New.

Write Your Post title and start writing content. You can add some extra blocks to your post to make it easy to understand

If you are unable to understand, You can use WordPress classic editor plugin for easy to understand

Step #6: Promote Your Blog

Once you created your blog, the final part is to get traffic to your blog.

There are many methods to getting traffic on your blog. Some are paid and some free.

In this article, I'll show you both basic methods.

How to get traffic from free sources

You can get lots of traffic from free sources, and here I am showing you some free traffic sources list.

  1. Search Engines (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to drive traffic to your blog from search engines. If you have done SEO correctly, you can get lots of free traffic from search engines.

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing an another most reliable method to get traffic, and Email Marketing is an exciting topic for us.

Email marketing can be used for:

  • Branding services
  • Traffic
  • Participation rates
  • Direct sales
  • Referral marketing
  • Renewing links
  • Saving customers
  • Acquisitions

3. Image Search

Fill in the ALT and TITLE attributes of the IMG tag, give the image file a readable name, and try to place it as high up on the page as possible.

4. Comments on industry blogs with a significant amount of traffic

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get free traffic to your website. Just create a selection of industry-specific blogs on your topic that attract an active audience. Watch their posts, and most importantly, their comments. What questions does the audience ask? And which of them remain unanswered? Answer them and put your website link there

5.Share your content on social media and use hashtags

Social networks can be a great platform for getting free traffic to your site. Therefore, if you still do not post content on social networks with a link to your resource, do it immediately.

You can use your own pages. But this will only be effective if you have already accumulated a significant number of followers in social networks.

6. Create your YouTube channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Therefore, YouTube videos can give you a massive amount of traffic to your site.
Here's how your channel can attract traffic to your site. It's simple. Add a link to your resource in the video description. For example, You do it like this:

7. Post fresh content regularly

Regular content updates are a great signal to search engines that your site is a good source of information. This means that your rating will only increase, and the massive amount of organic traffic will grow.

Why is regularity important? 

It's simple. Your loyal audience wants to read something new on your website and wants to update their knowledge. If you do not post content regularly, your audience will be disappointed.

How to get traffic from paid sources

To get traffic from paid sources, You can run ads on various platforms. Some most trusted ads platforms are:

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. Instagram Advertising
  3. LinkedIn Advertising
  4. Twitter Advertising
  5. Pinterest Advertising
  6. Snapchat Advertising
  7. Google ads
  8. Microsoft advertisement (Bing ads)

Now Time to make money from your blog.

There are many ways your blog can generate passive income for you.
Some of the most popular ways are:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate program
  • Sell digital products such as e-books, online courses
  • Direct advertising sales
  • Microsoft advertisement (Bing ads)
  • Sponsored Content (Get paid for writing about others)

Frequently asked questions about Start blogging.

How Much does it cost to start a blog?

The estimated cost of creating a blog that includes a domain name and web hosting is less than $100 per year ( Less than $10 Per Month).

How many posts should, I post daily?

You can target one post per day, and if you are creating long-form content (over 2000 Words). even 2-3 per week is a lot.

When should, I start advertising on your blog?

It depends on what kind of ad you want to place. The two most substantial sings you can follow:
1. When you have a good amount of written content published
2. When you have at least 100 Organic Visit per day.

Thank You!

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